Benoy K Behl: Paintings of India 2. Miniature Paintings

In the second of this series of excerpts from Benoy Behl’s documentaries for Doordarshan on the subject of The PAintings of India we have films covering miniature painting in India.

In India the miniature painting became something of a speciality, and it was refined to exquisite heights by painters from all over India, over a period of centuries.

The subject list for this second playlist is as follows:

  1. The Delicate Beauty of Miniatures
  2. Confluence of Cultures (Moghul miniature painting)
  3. Royal Splendour (Moghul painting at its height)
  4. Exuberance of Life (miniatures of Malwa, etc.)
  5. Murals of Rajasthan
  6. Colours of the Desert (miniatures of Rajasthan)
  7. The Enchanted Hills (miniatures of Basoli, etc.)
  8. Poetry of the Hills (miniatures of Kashmir)
  9. Magic of the Deccan (miniatures of the Deccan)


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2 comments to Benoy K Behl: Paintings of India 2. Miniature Paintings

  • I really enjoyed photos. It’s all about the intelligence of our ancient Indians.Can you please let me know where I can purchase those Benoy’s documentaries and images in DVD format and what about the cost?

    And for your info,the video is no longer available. So please update the page.

    Thanks again for sharing.

    • Anandajoti

      Dear Kesavan, the videos do still work, so you can watch the extracts. The last time I contacted Benoy Behl the flms were not available on DVD. I hope they will become available later, but it is up to Doordarshan.

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