Bangkok, Thailand (Expoza)

Bangkok, Thailand

This is from a series of films by Global Television shot all over world, giving well photographed introductions to various places, of which we will be focusing on the ones of interest to Buddhists.

The films are quite light introductions to their subjects, mainly good photography, well chosen soundtracks, and a reasonable, but sometimes inaccurate, narration giving a cultural and historical introduction to its subject.

This week the focus is on Bangkok, and although it starts with the wet market some 100km from Bangkok, we soon return to the city and see some of the magnificent temples that it houses, which is indeed the main focus of the film.

The film then proceeds to give glimpses of Wat Phra Kaew and the surrounding Royal Palace, Wat Suthat, Wat Pho, Wat Traimit and Wat Arun in some detail; we also visit the Royal Barge Museum, the Rose Gardens and the Thai Cultural Village, before returning to the center and closing with a look at Wat Saket.

This is a good introduction to get an idea of just some of the wonderful temples there are in Bangkok – and there are many more than can be fitted into a short tour like this – and the programme gives a positive look at the cultural side of Bangkok.


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