Angkor, Land of the Gods: 02 Throne of Power

Angkor, Land of the Gods: 02 Throne of Power

The second of two films on Angkor focuses on one of the great Mahayana Kings in the Middle Ages, Jayavarman VII, who stands probably only second to Asoka in the line of great Buddhist Kings.

He too, like Suriyavarman II, who was featured last week, came to power through ruthless fighting and managed to stabilise the kingdom, which had recently been invaded and partly destroyed by the Chams.

After overcoming his enemies Jayavarman VII engaged in one of the greatest building projects in history, and around half of what is seen at the main Angkor site today is thanks to his work.

This includes most of Angkor Thom, including the Bayon, Ta Phrom, Preah Khan, the Elephant Terrace and some of the 108 hospitals which were set up all over the empire.

The film once again brings together experts working at Angkor and computer reconstructions of the buildings as they might have originally appeared to give a fascinating glimpse into Khmer history.


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