Angkor (Access 360 World Heritage)

Angkor (Access 360 World Heritage)

This is a very interesting film from National Geographic about the Angkor Heritage site, looking at the site from different perspectives.

The first is that of aerial archaeologists, who working both from the air and on the ground can get an overview of the site and and how it was maintained.

In recent years the main breakthroughs in understanding the site have come from this perspective, with brilliant NASA satellite imagery and Australian archaeologists showing how big the site was (around the size of LA).

The second perspective is from people working on the preservation and restoration projects, which are seeking to maintain the sites for future generations.

One good thing about the film is how it takes the work of people like tour guides, those who clear the weeds and plants from the monuments, or people who come to fix broken cranes into consideration, and gives them credit.

Even if you have already watched some of the many films published on this site about Angkor there is a lot to be learned from this film.

I have set the film to start at 58 seconds, if it doesn’t work the first minute will be a drone and flashcard 😀


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to see a set of stills click on the screenshot below


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