A New Beginning, Bhikkhunis in America

A New Beginning

This short 15-minute documentary traces the inception and foundation of the Saranaloka Hermitage in America. It reviews the background of the venerable nuns Santacitta and Anandabodhi, as they decide to leave their previous lineage and move into the unknown in Saranaloka.

They both took bhikkhuni ordination in Nov 2011 at Jack Kornfield’s Spirit Rock in California, and then some time later their first aspirant also took samaneri ordination, thereby establishing their own lineage.

The story is mainly told through the reflections and recollections of the women, both lay and monastic, who have been involved in the foundation of the community, and what it has meant to them to take this step, and how they have received mutual support in the project.

The film cannot be embedded here, but can be seen online at the Culture Unplugged website.


A New Beginning
A New Beginning


to see a set of stills click on the date at the top of the embed below


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